Break the mold of your past


It’s funny how you can change your own mind when you start writing. I have been writing a long blog post about how hard it is to track macronutrients when you’re trying to get into shape.  I went on about how challenging it is to record everything and how I was never able to hit my numbers despite my ‘best efforts.’ About 600 words into the post I decided that all my ranting was a bunch of crap.  I hadn’t really tried hard enough to track my nutrition to say whether or not it was worth the effort. I didn’t put in that much planning.  And I wasn’t really bought in on the results I wanted.

This got me thinking about how I have approached pretty much everything in my life.

It seems that most things that are worth pursuing require a healthy dose of planning and a mountain of desire in order to make real changes.  Planning seems completely necessary because the only things that happen without planning are the things you’ve already baked into your life with your current habits.  Your daily habits now have gotten you to where you’re at now–which is awesome if you’re in a good place.  However, if you’re not happy with what you have or where you’re at, chances are really good that you’re going to need to do some planning to make changes.  You have to plan for all the things that are not yet second nature to you.  This may very well require getting help from someone else who’s further along the path.

The mountain of desire I referred to simply means that you have to want something really bad in order to fight through your own bad habits and through the discouragement that is absolutely going to come your way.  Steven Pressfield called it The Resistance in his book The War of Art and he basically says The Resistance is the force that’s there every time you strive for something worthwhile.  It’s a daily war that needs to be fought in order to make progress.

I say all this to emphasize how important I think it is to start with the proper mindset. Planning and passion begin in our minds and one of the hardest things I’ve tried to accomplish is to expect something different from life.  It is so, so easy to live in the mold we’ve already cast for our lives.  We simply need to maintain our current habits in order to stay where we are at.  It is comfortable.  It is nearly effortless.  And making a real change means we need to break that mold and start to envision new things for our lives.  Then we need to brace ourselves and start to plan accordingly because, let me tell you, this ride is about to get exciting and tough.

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