After some thought I’ve decided that I’m making a change in my blogging. There’s a lot that goes into this change, but the short version is this. I have 2 main topics that I want to blog about and I have not been able to make them fit onto one blog in a way that really works for me.

First, I want to blog about things that I spend time thinking about: faith; leaving a legacy; and becoming successful, however you define it.

Second, I have wanted to blog more about fitness and food. Admittedly there’s going to be some overlap. I want this blog to bring in some of my personality and that will inevitably bring in my thoughts I mentioned above.

However, when I think about helping people with food and fitness, I do not think those people necessarily want to hear what I think about otherwise. Maybe they do, but I don’t think they will.

So I’ve started developing a second blog called Meal Prep Dad. That blog is going to be focused on food and fitness and I will specifically be trying to build that into a side business. Blogging is a decidedly difficult way to start a business. The content itself is what you’re trying to use to bring an audience and then try to make money by offering useful products through affiliate links. Eventually, if you can build an audience, you can start selling your time (as a coach or consultant) or by creating something they want. In any case, that’s the goal right now for Meal Prep Dad.

This blog doesn’t have those kinds of expectations. I’m going to treat this as a personal blog. There may be zero people that read this, and I’m actually ok with that. The process of writing in itself is going to be helpful for me. At this moment I plan on having these 2 categories: faith and personal development. I’m sure this will change over time, but it’s a good starting point.